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Before Buying, we strongly recommend you to test the DEMO Version to make sure the game runs correctly on your computer!

For our purchasing system we have chosen the leader in credit card transactions: PAYPAL.
It is also the most secure way to transfer money over the internet.

The game is only payable on the website, it is not available in shops.

The game can be purchased either using a Paypal account or directly (without account) using the link below.

If you do not wish to pay with a credit card:
Create an account at PAYPAL and transfer money on it, then pay using this account.

You do NOT necessarily need to purchase with your user’s registered e-mail address.
For example, you can pay at PAYPAL with a friend’s credit card / account but give your user’s e-mail address when you are asked for it at the end of the transaction.
Paying with PAYPAL is really easy, secured and takes just a minute!

Please register before buying in order to be able to make code requests!

Once you have paid, you can make your code request on the website, using the serial given inside the game (on the start menu) and your e-mail address.
Finally, simply enter the received code inside the game to switch to full version!

If you need to install on a second computer or if you need to reinstall the game, simply make a new code request with the new serial from the new installation!

1. First register as new user (registered WINDSURFING 2007 users can skip this):

First Name

Last Name


2. Then buy Windsurfing MMX + 2007 for only 9.99€:

3. After purchasing, get your code for WINDSURFING MMX:



…or to get your code for WINDSURFING 2007, go to the 2007 WEBSITE