MMX Version 1.42 is Available!

MMX Version 1.42

We just released Windsurfing MMX Version 1.42 now available for download!

This version adds online multiplayer gaming, up to 20 players can sail and compete together, plus 20 spectators to enjoy the show.
A chat is also included (use the ENTER key to use it) and you can subscribe your email address to receive notifications when someone created a new server and waits for players to sail with!
Alternatively, you can use the new FORUM section created to set up meetings or talk about anything related to network gaming.

So download this version now and join us for some awesome multiplayer competition!

Read more on this update inside the Release notes!

To install the update, download and run the “Installer Update 1.42” in the download section.

Have FUN!

The Team

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