MMX Version 1.41 released!

MMX Version 1.41

Windsurfing MMX Version 1.41 was just released!

It is mostly a bug fix from version 1.40, also enhancing the memory management of the game when using many of the new equipment skins available inside the custom section. Many of you submitted their work there, and the choice of equipment has become really comfortable. The goal is to fill up all available slots (10 per board or sail per disciplin), so keep up the great work!;-)

New is also the possibility to switch to a dynamic “beach view” camera which detects your surf session and sets itself automatically to this view angle.
Moreover, score submission can now be set to automatic, removing the necessity to clic the submit button at the end of a race or heat.

Coming next: Network Windsurfing!

Read more on this update inside the Release notes!

To install the update, download and run the “Installer Update 1.41” in the download section.


The Team

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