-My old code won’t work: I had to make a new installation of the game on my new computer, but the code I received does not work any more. What should I do?
You will need to make a new code request on the website, at the bottom of the purchase section, using the new serial that can be found inside the new installation. You will not have to pay again for this, because purchasing the game does not limit you to only one code request.

-I purchased the game using Paypal, but when I try to get a code the website says “Error: User inexistent or has not paid yet”. What happened?
Your registration was not completed, probably because you did not press the confirmation button on the Paypal website at the end of your purchase. We usually notice this and correct this within a few days, if not please send us an email. If you cannot wait, you can also purchase the game a second time, pressing the confirmation button at the end. We will refund you the first purchase in this case, but please send us an email in this case, too.


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