Update 1.03 is out!

Aloha Gamers!

We would like to thank you a lot for your great feedback on the forum. It provides us with a LOT of great ideas and information to continue developing the game!
Based on this feedback we now bring you Version 1.03, correcting a lot of bugs and bringing a few new features.

We are now going to spend time on 1.10 – coming out June 17 – which is a major update. Until there, be patient!

IMPORTANT: We had to reset the score table for this month, because 1.03 has a slightly different score system making it incompatible with 1.02, we hope the current top scorers won’t be too mad at us…

To install the update, download and run the “update installer 1.03” in the download section.
You can read more on this update inside the Release notes!


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