We want to thank our current sponsors:

Soulrider – Community Website
Neilpryde – Sail Manufacturer

We are still looking for the rest of the windsurfing industry to help and support this game.

Windsurfing MMX is a truly unique support, as an evolution of Windsurfing 2007, took its time to surface, but the ameliorations are really in tune with what the public is looking for, Waveriding… Yes, our developer Jerome Six created some wave models to integrate waveriding as part of our game. Other events such as slalom, speed and freestyle that were all in WTG 2007 will be included in later updates of Windsurfing MMX.

Your “buy in” options inside the game would be:

Board: Add your flagship board, or your complete line of boards in the game, the rider will then automatically have the sail sticker of your brand on his sail.

Sail: Add your line of sails in the game for maximum exposure.

Harness: Get your harness featured on the rider, then you sticker will also be present on the rider’s sail.

Shorts-Shirt: Our rider can support the colors of your brand. Add your threads to his equipment, and it will also showcase a sticker on the sail.

Flags on the beach: Everytime the game starts, the rider starts from the beach, where there is flags moving in the wind… a safe advertising zone with visibility every time the game starts.

Storefront: To change equipment during the game, the rider has to go to the windsurfing center located on the beach, that could be your store, we could add your logos to it…

Website advertising: You could also advertise on this website with a link straight to your web platform…

For rates and informations: contact the marketing department: