Compete to win a FULL VERSION!

Compete to win a FULL VERSION!

Soulrider is offering 5 full version licenses of WINDSURFING MMX, 1 GoPro Hero Cam, 2 Kite+Windsurf Guides Europe and 5 Soulrider T-Shirts to the best competitors this month!!!
Starting now and ending August 10, this virtual wave-riding competition consists in reaching the maximum points on a 3-minute demo-heat.
For this, you will need to download the special version of WINDSURFING MMX at

To take part to the fun, click here!!!

We wish good luck to all of you!



Update 1.12 is released!

Small update for the start of this month, correcting a few bugs in 1.11 but also bringing a new move: the body-drag!!!
Read more on this update inside the Release notes!

To install the update, download and run the “update installer 1.12” in the download section.

The Team

Update 1.11 ready for download

Hi Everybody!

Thanks to your GREAT feedback inside the forum, we were able to correct a few bugs inside 1.10, but also bring some small handy new features. 1.11 is now ready for download, enjoy!
Read more on this update inside the Release notes!

To install the update, download and run the “update installer 1.11” in the download section.

The Team

Update 1.10 is out!

Aloha Gamers!

Version 1.10 of Windsurfing MMX is now released and ready to download!
This update brings a new location – Margaret River – featuring bigger waves and different wind conditions, together with a few new moves and equipment options.


The Team

7500+ Downloads // New Screenshots

7500+ Downloads of the demo already… Keep playing

Update 1.03 is out!

Aloha Gamers!

We would like to thank you a lot for your great feedback on the forum. It provides us with a LOT of great ideas and information to continue developing the game!
Based on this feedback we now bring you Version 1.03, correcting a lot of bugs and bringing a few new features.

We are now going to spend time on 1.10 – coming out June 17 – which is a major update. Until there, be patient!

IMPORTANT: We had to reset the score table for this month, because 1.03 has a slightly different score system making it incompatible with 1.02, we hope the current top scorers won’t be too mad at us…

To install the update, download and run the “update installer 1.03” in the download section.
You can read more on this update inside the Release notes!


New Update 1.02

Hi Gamers!

Mainly because of the annoying “performance warning” window, 1.02 had to come out quickly!

See the Release notes for more information.


New Update 1.01

Dear Gamers!

We are pleased to inform you on the first update for MMX, Version 1.01.

It is mostly a version correcting bugs in 1.00, only real new feature is a “back to beach” button!

To install it, download and run the update installer in the download section.

Release notes


Apple Users

We have had a lot of requests about Mac OS X versions of the game, there is none planned at the moment…. But… one user installed it and runs it on BOOTCAMP successfully.

So if you have a configuration like his, it shouldn’t be a problem

As an example only:
Alu Imac HD, 2400XT video card, 4gb of ram DDR2, 250Gb Hard Drive  under vista premium 2 ghz intel Core 2 duo.

If you have other successful configurations of Windsurfing MMX on an Apple Computer, please let us know your configuration.

In Game Videos

Thanks to our user “WashkraenK” we have a few in game videos to show you.

Other Players are more than welcome to show us their own virtual windsurfing videos.