Screenshot Pozo Jump

The development team of ” Windsurfing - The Game ” is working on providing a close-to-reality simulation of windsurfing.
The aim is to provide as much as possible of the fun and excitement this sport gives.


Realistic 3-Dimensional Realtime Simulation of Windsurf, featuring:
- Accurate behavior of the windsurf
- Realistic movements of the sea, variable windspeed
- Multiplayer online mode
- 3 different wave heat durations
- Freestyle
- Slalom Downwind
- Jumps and Moves (Jibes, Table-top, Loops, Goiter…)
- Score submission to the website to compete with the community


- Processor speed greater than 1.6GHz
- Windows XP/Vista with DirectX 9
- Sound card
- 3D-Accelerated Graphic Card supporting Vertex Shaders V2.0
The Game was tested successfully on:
- NVidias GeForce 7600, 8600 Series and above
- Intel graphic chip 4500MHD