Great and Fine New Compilation of songs 4 MMX (install them)

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Great and Fine New Compilation of songs 4 MMX (install them)

Post by GxXx » Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:17 am

:D My compliments to the developers of this great simulation game
I would like to share this compilation of songs to install in part or totally into the folder 'sound' of the game.
unzip the 5 folders where there are 10 songs (wav format) of the game, suggestion to save the existing songs in a new folder named 'old_sound', restarts the game and good fun.-

links where to download it:
http://ipcam.XXX/ (44Mb)
http://ipcam.XXX/ (40,5Mb)
http://ipcam.XXX/ (36,5Mb)
http://ipcam.XXX/ (32,5Mb)
http://ipcam.XXX/ (38,4Mb)
authors ACDC, Lady G. ecc.ecc, only for MMX players

Happy and windy new year :D :wink:

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Post by Jerome » Wed Jan 13, 2010 5:40 am

nice! But sorry, I cannot leave some links to music titles inside the forum, you will have to use the system of personal message to GxXx for this...

So anyone interested in this contents just pm him!

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